Journal Exercise: 15 Questions to ask your inner child

Journal Exercise: 15 Question’s to ask your Inner child

The word for this chapter in my life is Grace. This applies to myself and the people around me. These last two years the last thing I was giving anyone was grace. There was zero room for error, and I was not willing to hear anyone’s explanation on anything. You did me wrong and I genuinely act as though you never existed (I’m a Scorpio it’s kind of our specialty). Being in that hardened state meant there was no room to grow, no room to feel anything. Living in that state you become a prisoner of your past, it robs you of growth and understanding for yourself and others. There are plenty of people who operate in this manner, our friends, family, co-workers, etc., But when you know better you do better.

And that is where grace comes into play. We need to be willing to give grace abundantly even when it’s the last thing on your mind. I do journal entries in My Morning Routine. This daily expression helps me to find grace, Be grace, feel grace, and give grace starting with myself every single day.

Inner Child Journaling

Journaling from the perspective of your inner child is an excellent exercise. Studies has showns it helps you resolve challenging or confusing experiences from your childhood that you’ve buried, while also recognizing unhealthy patterns. and where they stem from.

This journal exercise is dedicated to Honoring your inner child & giving them grace. This can be extremely beneficial if done wholeheartedly.  Your inner child dictates your motivation, strength, and capabilities. It’s imperative to find the right healing capabilities to help bring your inner child to its full potential. Walking around as a traumatized adult, is not it?!

Diving deep into each question can help you achieve enormous growth and understanding. So, the best thing you can do is to try and take the challenge at your own pace. Really get into writing out your emotions, I like to fill out at least a full page to really get my thoughts flowing. It’s important to set up your own Inner Child healing journey, and it has the potential to break you out of that stagnant state.

Normally, this term is used by psychologists with the idea of describing various child-life aspects related to your personality. These focus on innocent parts like your creativity and curiosity, among a list of others. Your inner child is fearless but trauma, conditioning, and various issues can end up hindering the development as that child grows into an adult more than you may imagine.

The last thing you want is to deal with hurt, fear, and anger in your adulthood that stems from your childhood, but it happens all the time, and very rare for someone to actually put in the work to become a better person. This exercise will help guide you in healing your inner child, this will help boost your confidence levels, while also reconnecting to your authentic self.

Journal Prompts Prep

Start by channeling your inner child, looking at a picture of yourself from the specific age you are trying to recall. Once you feel called to, start to write about memories and how they made you feel. Try not to think so much about what you are writing, just write down whatever pops into your mind.
Learn how to reconnect with our innocence. The part of our being that sees every experience with fresh eyes of wonder and excitement. The goal here is to teach you how to get back to that level of consciousness by reconnecting with parts of your inner child.

Being a conscious adult is recognizing what your inner child needs in every given moment and honoring that. Answering the questions below can help you uncover a lot about yourself, and your life and how you can eliminate many possible concerns and issues that can arise. You can also start solving problems faster than you did prior and resolve other kinds of issues that might have been holding you back, and in the long run, this can make a huge difference.

Journal Prompts

1. How well do I Currently understand my emotions? Can I pinpoint where the emotions & beliefs are coming from?
2. What secrets am I holding in/ or emotions I’m suppressing?
3. What will I stand to gain from a better understanding of my emotions?
4. What comes to mind when measuring my worth?
5. If you were scared or unhappy, how did your parents help you solve that issue?
6. Do you feel free to bring your ideas to life, or is something holding you back? List your fears then cross them out one by one Affirming the following:
• “These fears no longer have control over how I feel and think”
•” These fear no longer live here” …etc.

7. How has self care looked for me over the years? How can I improve the time & devotion I give myself?
8. How do you cope with unwanted emotions and unexpected events? What are some positive ways to cope?
9. What behaviors did I pick up and from who. Do they have a positive of negative impact?
10. Do I feel free to be myself? make a list of Free to Be Me & When not.
11. I survived?
12. Name the people that believe in You? If no one writes your own name and then mine !
13. Thinking about your life, what’s bringing joy and happiness? Create a list.
14. What comes to mind when excepting abundance? Is there resistants?
15. When I envision my most authentic self what do I see?

Once you have all your answers written down start doing the suggested activities below. Revisit these prompts to uncover new memories and compare them each time. You will be amazed at what you uncover.

Start meditating

Yes, meditation can be great for your inner child, and it will bring the happiness that you want. It’s a very important thing you need to start doing, and it will convey some amazing benefits for years to come. It all comes down to getting started. Guided meditations are particularly helpful, so use that to your advantage. Start expressing and celebrating yourself freely

Use a healing journal

Healing journals are a very helpful way to start to incorporate healing into your everyday life. people forget paper doesn’t Write it down. Journal Prompts make it easy to write down all the good and bad things, It’s another way to freely express yourself helping you to learn from mistakes and heal any unresolved issues.

Find Activates you truly enjoy, Unplug!

For example, my activity is theater ball. These are helpful because they make it easy for your inner child to come out and have fun. Coloring, painting, writing stories, DIY projects. These activities and Journal prompt exercises will help you heal and motivate you to grow and expand as an adult, and it allows you to navigate your future & recall the past in order to also learn and grow from it, while being present in the now.


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