Ethical Amazon items


Sustainable, Ethical, and Eco friendly aren’t necessarily words you use when describing Jeff Bezos and his Billion dollar company Amazon . It’s easy to ignore the detrimental waste that is caused on a daily basis throughout the world but it’s shocking to see the amount of waste Amazon is responsible for on its own. With Fast fashion and tens of thousands of orders per day Amazon’s plastic pollution is consequently under scrutiny. It was reported that an estimated 465 million pounds of plastic waste came from amazon’s packing and products that the company is responsible for in 2020. With these astonishing figures and the consumer rate steadily rising each year it is safe to say the big tycoon and his business won’t be going anywhere for some time.


When we know better we tend to do better, when you are making purchases on amazon shop these eco-friendly and sustainable companies in support of their unique missions of helping the planet in order to reduce their carbon foot print and give back to their local communities.



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