9 Tips for Mindful Living

I recently wrote an IG post detailing the distractions we are bombarded with on a daily basis. I found myself consumed, and realized with c19 my screen time shot up more than 75%. Sadly I know I’m not alone. As of late, I made a conscious effort to not be so easily distracted and purposely live mindfully, but more importantly, become aware of my mental state when interacting with high & low-vibrational beings and entities. Making small adjustments helped vastly over time.


  1. Chew Food 15-30x more


One example of being intentional is Chewing food, what helped me to focus was paying attention and being alert while eating.  Intentionally chewing an additional 15 -30 x more helps break down food enough before it makes its way to the stomach, Then moves into your small intestine where it mixes with more enzymes that continue to break it down. Nutrients from the food are absorbed in the small intestine. During this process, we feel sluggish if food is processed with little to no Nutrients.

Tip: Try adopting a new mindset while eating and you will notice when applied to other areas you eventually have the same effect. Mentally plant a seed into your mind and work at it until eventually, it sticks.





  1.  Cut out all white condiments Swap out the Iodine salt for Pink Himalayan salt


This is a small change but the benefits are phenomenal that is why it’s #2 and one that I feel is necessary to list because of all the benefits it offers. Pink Himalayan salt is often said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt available on this planet today. It has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties, not to mention culinary uses. In a Typical American household, you can find pantries filled with Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium bisulfite, citric acid benzoate, and countless extremely toxic chemicals that you can switch out for something that is effective and not harmful it’s a Win-Win. Typical table salt is a silent killer too much of it reduces the ability of your kidneys to remove the water and probably function. Pink Himalayan Salt on the other hand impressively has the same minerals that are found in the human body Chloride, sulfate,  potassium, and magnesium to name a few.


  1. Having some physical activity for 45 minutes to an hour.


Moving the body is a way of expressing gratitude for the body you do have and are able to enjoy no matter the condition. Just 45 minutes of body movement has proven to have an effect on the mental and overall health of your body. Switching up the activities daily also makes it fun. Walking, Swimming, Rollerblading, Barre, Yoga, etc. are just a few examples of ways you can make your workouts fun and keep your body in good shape


  1. Self-Care/ Self Love


This is so major and key part of “doing the work”. This is one of the hardest things for humans especially women to do. We pour into others before we even tend to ourselves, Spa day = Life appreciation day. An in-home spa day is fabulous for me when I hear self-care the last thing I think of is splurging for a facial or massage my focus goes straight to showing appreciation for my fingers to write this blog and my feet for getting me from A to B. My neck so I can check out the cutie behind me, HA! No, but seriously that is a true appreciation of self, the narrative of social media can get a little confusing and unattainable most of the time. Loving yourself does not have to be complicated or expensive simple candlelight dinner for one is a great way to be present with self.




Simple tip with a Major benefit. When drinking water be mindful and remember to sit down so the nutrients from the water are able to get to the cells





  1. Sleep


I think we know from personal experience how important for the body and brain to get proper rest to perform at their full potential. Which is way easier said than done, the body does serious work when at rest. Think of your body as a Nazca driver running laps all day when necessary you pull into the pit stop for all the appropriate maintenance. That’s your body at rest it slides into a pit stop for internal and external repairs.


Here is a List of a few foods that have been found to help you get a good night’s sleep






Cherry Juice


Whole Grains

Warm Almond Milk



Dark Chocolate


  1. Partake in Meatless Mondays


For the carnivore the top priority here is to adopt a meatless Monday mentality it’s just one day and it really gives your body a break from disgusting so much meat and mucus. Make it a point to notice the difference in your mind and body the following day.


  1. Commit to personal growth


Instagram, radio, and TV lets exchange that for books, podcasts, and Gaining knowledge Turn your commutes into Motivation lectures / University lessons.


  1. Meditation


Practice becoming more present. Take Deep Breaths inhale and exhale, Do this first thing in the morning. Take this time to be intentional about your day and your desired outcome. Be consistent with visualizing your future self, following a breathing pattern can help you ease into a meditative state which is not always easy. Our minds are running at 1000 mph on a daily bases starting or ending your day with a silent meditation is a powerful way to get in tune with your inner being and allow a stillness that offers a calmness that will sit with you throughout the day.


Moving with intention is a daily practice that becomes second nature over time. Essentially being present in each moment is the key to focusing on our actions and becoming more aware of outcomes from our reactions.





Sit with the Now/Present. Be mindful in the moments, Meditate often sit when drinking water. Eat for optimal health remember to consciously over-chew. Be gentle with yourself while committing to personal growth on a daily.

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