Podcast for Self Mastery

In my opinion, there is a Podcast for everyone.  From Storytelling to Self-mastery, whatever it is you are into I’m certain there’s a podcast for it.


We’re living in unusual times and it’s vital we keep our mind, body, and soulfully engaged. The Beauty of Motivational podcast is you can enjoy them while working, walking, cooking, and cleaning even in the shower. This list has it all exciting shows worthy of all of our attention and will end up teaching you a thing or two about life, science, Human mastery, and more.

Journey To Launch by Jamila Souffrant

Jamila Souffrant is a  New York Times best-selling author and a  Powerhouse  She honestly Covers it All. from Budgeting Retirement budgeting Careers, income, finance, and all Things Launch.


‎The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma shares from experience and a place where you’ll receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics this man has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers to who he has served as a private mentor for over 24 years. You’ll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world.

Podcast — Therapy For Black Girls

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

‎Small Doses with Amanda Seales on Apple Podcasts

Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems with, “Small Doses,” a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use

‎Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik 

Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time!  Jim Kwik is the brain & memory trainer to elite mental performers, including many of the world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities.


‎Hidden Brain on Apple Podcasts

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.


‎Ancient Wisdom Today on Apple Podcasts

Shaman Durek is a 6th generation shaman He teaches the ancient wisdom of our elders to help heal and bring happiness into our modern society. We’re sharing ancient knowledge in modern times, in order to put the power back in people’s hands. Welcome to the tribe.

‎Detroit Chopra on Apple Podcasts

This podcast is for the heart-centered hustlers — people who left their 9-to-5 careers to pursue a life of purpose and abundance.


‎The Call with Erica Williams Simon

Former political strategist Erica Williams Simon hosts intimate conversations with women who have answered their own call. What are the costs and challenges of taking the leap, of living your politics, of being unapologetic? How do you go from wishful thinking to real impact? What is the journey really like? Tune in, get inspired.



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